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Love the XXL set (hard and soft mixture)

Rated 5 out of 5
July 24, 2021

I bought the XXL set for my little one who is learning how to walk, she loves walking over the softer mats at the moment and enjoys feeling them with her hands. She also enjoys the mats with a bit of height and tries to stretch her feet as flat as she can so she can feel the gradient as well as the texture. Some of the harder mats are actually quite tickly so if your little one prefers tickles on their feet they would be great!
They’re excellent for sensory play themes and when she’s older I am definitely using these for an epic the floor is lava game
They came in easy to carry boxes which I use to neatly store them in, very easy to clean, not slippery and are robust – a nibble on them here and there won’t ruin the mats at all! Love them


A must have for EVERY child

Rated 5 out of 5
July 23, 2021

I recieved the Medium set that contains 11 muffik mats and they are a big hit in our house with children and adults!!
I love my kids walking barefoot and these mats support healthy foot development, correct gait and overall posture by strengthening the centre of the body.
Whilst the children are playing, these mats prevent flat feet and sunken arches.
I am a trainee Occupational Therapist and I highly recommend this company and the owner is such a lovely lady. 5*


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