For Healthy and Happy Feet

MUFFIK Sensory Play Mats for Kids

There’s nothing better for young feet than walking barefoot, whenever it’s safe. With our MUFFIK Textured Floor Mats we bring the natural surfaces to the safety of your home so your little one can get the benefits of walking barefoot anytime, anywhere!


Feet and motor skills development


More strength and improved balance


Correcting flat feet and bad posture


Orthopedic puzzles for playtime

Our Best Selling Sensory Mat Sets

MUFFIK Orthopedic Floor Mats Logo Small Barefoot Kids UK

Sensory Play Mats


Our Muffik Mats correct gait and overall posture by strengthening the centre of the body and the deep stabilisation system. By stimulating the feet and balance the mats prevent flat feet and sunken arches. The XXL Set of 19 pieces from hard and soft surfaces, in both regular and mini floor mat tiles. This is a great starting set for your child.

MUFFIK Orthopedic Floor Mats Logo Small Barefoot Kids UK

Sensory Play Mats


The Huge 1 set B variant is a balanced combination of 13 pieces from a variety of shapes, sizes and surfaces in both regular and mini sensory floor mats. The specially designed surfaces of our sensory play mats perfectly mimic natural surfaces, providing the benefits and pleasures of walking barefoot on real surfaces.

MUFFIK Orthopedic Floor Mats Logo Small Barefoot Kids UK

Sensory Play Mats


Specially designed for babies the Baby Set contains 6 of the softest sensory floor mats available. Perfectly supports perceptional and motor skills, develops children’s imagination and last but not least, its colour combination encourages them to discover and play.

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Health Benefits of Our Sensory Mats

  • 1. Foot Health

    The uneven surfaces of Muffik sensory playmats support the appropriate range of motion in the foot and ankle joints, in addition to developing strength and stability in the muscles and ligaments of the children`s feet.

  • 2. Stability and Control

    Walking on our floor mats allows the better control of foot position when it hits the ground while the wearing of modern stabilizing footwear can interfere with the development of a child’s foot strength, ankle stability, and movement patterns.

  • 3. Body Function and Kinesthetic Awareness

    Our sensory floor mats allow to strengthen and maintain the full function of the children`s feet and body and also supports the improvement of their kinesthetic awareness- help children learn to navigate the space around them safely.

  • 4. Prevention of Flat Feet and Correction of Posture

    Orthopedic mats correct gait, flat feet, shrunken arches and aid overall posture development preventing related issues which might develop later in life.

  • 5. Improved Balance and Proprioception

    Muffik play mats improve proprioception; the children`s sense of the relative position of body parts in relation to the other parts of their body and in the meantime provide them with information about their joint, muscle and sensory sensations.

  • 6. Sensory Stimulation and Fun

    Walking barefoot on various textures and surfaces can help brain development as while a child learns to balance also develops all other nervous sensory systems in the whole body.

About Children`s Foot Health

Children`s feet are flat and broad, designed to function barefoot. In the early stages of walking, shoes are unnecessary, in fact, it is desirable to allow to walk barefoot and thus strengthen the muscles in the feet. Therefore, we strongly advise to ditch the cute baby shoes and let your child learn to walk barefoot.

Barefoot shoes for children are a great option to protect the feet in nonrestrictive footwear, however, we should still give our children, especially our infants and toddlers, plenty of time to spend barefoot to ensure optimal feet development.

City sidewalks and dirty grounds aren’t barefoot-friendly, but warm homes are! Our play mats let you to bring the nature`s surfaces inside the safety of your home.

Our play mats are engineered to specifically replicate natural surfaces hence providing the sensations in the children’s feet felt in nature. These soft and hard interlocking mats feature the textures of grass, pebbles, seashells, forests giving the pleasures and benefits of walking barefoot over real surfaces. The purpose of our sensory floor mats is to give children a taste of walking in different natural textures in safe environments.

Sensory Playmats- Our Definitive Guide

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Babies are often born with flat feet, which may persist well into their childhood. This occurs because children’s bones and joints are flexible, causing their feet to flatten when they stand...

Muffik & Barefoot Kids UK

Here at Barefoot Kids UK we are extremely proud to be involved with the Muffik brand and hope we can contribute to the continuing success of the company while going on our mission of educating parents about the importance of foot health and early prevention.

Muffik Floor Mats

Muffik Sensory Play Mats are great for training standing, walking and good balance. Each piece is an original with a different type of surface, and all the pieces fit together like a puzzle, so that kids can have fun putting their paths together while training fine motor skills and development.

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