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Muffik SNAKE Set

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The Muffik Snake Set contains 6 pieces of MUFFIK Orthopedic Puzzle Mat tiles.

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Sensory Play Mats


The Snake set contains 6 pieces of MUFFIK Puzzle Mat tiles in lime green colour.

Brand: Muffik
Material: Softened PVC
Tested according to EU standard EN 71-1:2014 + A1:2018 and EN 71-2:2011 + A1:2014 and EN 71-3:2019-08
Dimensions: Classic: 29,79 x 29,79cm

The  Snake set is perfect for strengthening the centre of the body and improving balance. Among other benefits the snake set helps exercising the arch and strengthening the ankles and knees, encourages children’s fantasy and helps them come up with many adventurous games.

Whats Included?


Health Benefits of Textured Sensory Play Mats


1. Foot Health
The uneven surfaces support the appropriate range of motion of the foot and ankle joints, in addition to adequate strength and stability in the muscles and ligaments of the feet.

2. Stability and Control
Walking on Muffik floor mats allows the better control of foot position on the ground while the wearing of modern stabilizing footwear can interfere with the development of a child’s foot strength, ankle stability, and movement patterns.

3. Body Function and Kinesthetic Awareness
Muffik playmats allow to strengthen and maintain the full function of the children feet and body and also supports the improvement of their kinesthetic awareness- help children learn to navigate the space around them safely.

4. Prevention of Flat Feet and Correction of Posture
Muffik orthopedic puzzles correct gait, flat feet, shrunken arches and aid overall posture development.

5. Improved Balance and Proprioception
Muffik play mats improve proprioception; the children`s sense of the relative position of body parts in relation to the other parts of the body and in the meantime provide them with information about their joint and muscle sensations.

6. Sensory Stimulation and Fun
Walking barefoot on Muffik sensory floor mats can also help brain development as children learn to balance and develop all of the other sensory systems in the body.

Read more about the various benefits muffik`s sensory play mats offer HERE


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