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Textured Sensory Floor Mats

Get the Benefits of Playing Barefoot on Various Surfaces In Safe Environments


Feet and motor skills development


More strength and improved balance


Correcting flat feet and bad posture


Orthopedic puzzles for playtime


MUFFIK Sensory Play Mats Medium 2 A Set UK 11 Pieces

Orthopedic Puzzle Mats


The Medium 2 set contains 11 pieces from a variety of hard and soft shapes, sizes and surfaces of our puzzle mat tiles. 


MUFFIK Sensory Play Mats Extension Set A

Orthopedic Puzzle Mats

3D Extension Set

The 3D Extension Set A contains 5 of a variety of hard and soft surfaces in regular sensory floor tiles. 


MUFFIK Orthopedic Sensory Play Mats XXL Set UK 19 Pieces

Orthopedic Puzzle Mats


The XXL Set of 19 pieces from hard and soft surfaces, in both regular and mini orthopedic floor mat tiles.


*Until the Stock Lasts

The Health Benefits of Our Playmats

  • 1. Foot Health

    The uneven surfaces of our sensory playmats support the appropriate range of motion in the foot and ankle joints, in addition to developing strength and stability in the muscles and ligaments of the children`s feet.

  • 2. Stability and Control

    Walking on our floor mats allows the better control of foot position when it hits the ground while the wearing of modern stabilizing footwear can interfere with the development of a child’s foot strength, ankle stability, and movement patterns.

  • 3. Body Function and Kinesthetic Awareness

    These playmats allow to strengthen and maintain the full function of the children`s feet and body and also supports the improvement of their kinesthetic awareness- help children learn to navigate the space around them safely.

  • 4. Prevention of Flat Feet and Correction of Posture

    Our orthopedic puzzle mats correct gait, flat feet, shrunken arches and aid overall posture development preventing related issues which might develop later in life.

  • 5. Improved Balance and Proprioception

    Our mats improve proprioception; the children`s sense of the relative position of body parts in relation to the other parts of their body and in the meantime provide them with information about their joint, muscle and sensory sensations.

  • 6. Sensory Stimulation and Fun

    Walking barefoot on our floor mats can help brain development as while a child learns to balance also develops all other nervous sensory systems in the whole body.

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