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Muffik Rotana Spin Discs Set 

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Elevate play and fitness with the Muffik Rotana Spin Discs Set. These compact, rotating discs enhance core strength, balance, and coordination for the whole family.

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Sensory Play Mats

Muffik Rotana Spin Discs Set 

Discover the Rotana Spin Discs Set by Muffik, the ultimate accessory for enhancing physical activity and play. Perfectly integrating with Muffik mats, these rotating discs strengthen core muscles, improve balance, and develop coordination. Safe and versatile for all ages. Our play mats are made of a high quality material with non-slip structure, they are easy to wash, sanitise and keeping clean.

Brand: Muffik
Material: PP – polypropylene
Dimensions: 29,79 x 29,79 cm

What is in the Muffik Rotana Spin Discs Set?

Muffik Rotana Set

Contains: 2x Rotana Spin Disc Puzzles

👣 Core Strengthening: Activates and strengthens the core muscles, enhancing deep stabilization.

👣 Improves Balance and Coordination: Perfect for developing coordination skills and maintaining balance.

👣 Versatile Family Use: Suitable for all ages and fitness levels, from children to adults.

👣 Portable and Convenient: Compact design allows usage anywhere, anytime—perfect for home or office.

👣 Enhances Play: Integrates with Muffik mats for fun, interactive games.

👣 Supports Spinal Health: Promotes dynamic sitting to relieve spine pressure and correct posture.

👣 Muscle Development: Helps strengthen legs, hips, and deep spinal muscles.

👣 Educational Fun: Teaches children about orientation in space and body awareness.



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